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Right next door to the Laurelhurst Beach Club which is currently closed for the season, you may or may not have noticed that work has gotten underway for the Street Ends Project on 51st Street NE in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood.Here is a sheet on it: 51st_Avenue_NE street ends project

From the SDOT website:

Improvements at the 51st Avenue NE street end site will focus on increasing views of Lake Washington and public access for community members. These improvements include:

  • Creating a level area with a bench
  • Removing overgrown vegetation to increase visibility
  • Enhancing access to the water with timber steps
  • Removing two parking spaces nearest the site to accommodate new bicycle racks and pedestrian access to the site

It is important to note that this was just one of the Seattle waterfront spots out of the 149 set aside by the city in 1996  so expect to see more projects as the budget allows in the future. Here is a great fact sheet which includes a map of other sites: Shoreline Fact Sheet

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