Laurelhurst Homes For Sale:  Looking at the Last 30 Days of Laurelhurst Real Estate ActivityLaurelhurst Homes For Sale

The Laurelhurst Real Estate Market Fall Snapshot 2016: In the last 30 days in the NE Seattle neighborhood of Laurelhurst, there have been 12 Laurelhurst homes for sale that have sold and closed in escrow through the MLS.  These Laurelhurst properties ranged in list price from $850,000 to $2,745,000 with final sales prices ranging from $867,500 to $2,625,000. More about these Laurelhurst homes for sale that have sold and the additional details later…  Let’s look at what is for sale in Laurelhurst NOW.

Active Laurelhurst Homes For Sale in the NWMLS now:  There are 7. They range in price from $1,195,000 to $14,880,000.  The median list price of these Laurelhurst homes is $2,298,000 and the average days on market is 109 days with a range of 2 to 391 days.   The dollar per square foot average is $924.53 with a range from $431.37 to $1936.74. It isn’t all that surprising that there isn’t one piece of  Laurelhurst real estate in the NWMLS for under a million dollars right now, but what is surprising is that three of the seven are super high net worth homes:  Three of these Laurelhurst homes are around $10 million and up (one is just a couple thousand dollars under ten million dollars so I am counting it). There are some Laurelhurst waterfront homes for sale here, so if you are looking for premiere Seattle waterfront homes for sale, then look no further than Laurelhurst waterfront homes for a great in city option.   In addition to the seven active Laurelhurst homes for sale in the MLS, there is one Contingent listed for $3,250,000 and two Pending properties listed for $895,000 and $1,998,000.

Back to the sold Laurelhurst homes – 12 of them.  

Laurelhurst Homes For SaleSold Laurelhurst Homes – You can see client hand out sheets of them here: laurelhurst-homes-for-sale-sold-in-last-30-days-10302016  The average days on market for these was 31 days with a range of 2 days to 167 days and the average dollar per square foot of these Laurelhurst homes that have actually closed is $450.64 – quite a difference from the dollar per square foot  for the majority of the active homes listed.  The number I always like to look at is the percentage of sales price to list price of a final sales number.  In this case, these sold homes sold for an average of 100.96% of list with a range of 93.75% to 114.09%.  All but one of these Laurelhurst homes closed with final sales prices of well over a million dollars.

Laurelhurst Real Estate Market Predictions Heading Into 2017

What does it mean?  Is winter coming? Yes; at least the season of winter is inevitable, but with only seven active Laurelhurst homes on the market to compete with, interest rates STILL low combined with a staggering amount of cash buyers, I would still recommend putting your house on the market now if you are thinking about selling.  We don’t have a crystal ball, but we are on the streets and can see what is happening.  There is a great deal of demand for Laurelhurst homes – whether those fall into the luxury homes category, Laurelhurst waterfront homes, Beach Club homes, tear downs, or just well priced homes in this NE Seattle neighborhood.

Please let us know if you happen to have a Laurelhurst home to sell.  We have been looking for inventory in all of these categories and can get you the best price possible in this market through our innovative marketing which is quite different than the basics you are used to.   Please call/text us at 206-850-8841 or 206-841-6800 or email us at if you have any questions at all.  Additionally, you are welcome to fill out the quick request below and let us know how we can help.