Click The Image Below For All Laurelhurst Listings From All Brokers:

Click The Image Below For All Laurelhurst Listings From All Brokers:

Laurelhurst Waterfront Home:

Laurelhurst Waterfront Home:

Cooper Jacobs recently sold this Laurelhurst waterfront home in Webster Point.

This Lake Washington waterfront home happens to have been one of the top ten Seattle residential sales in 2010.

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Laurelhurst Scenes

Laurelhurst Scenes

Purchasing An Estate Property.

Probate: Probate properties are owned by the estate of a deceased homeowner and are often sold below market value to property investors and potential homebuyers. However, the process of purchasing these properties isn’t always quick — lasting anywhere from 6 months to several years. This article identifies the avenues used to buy probate properties and specific laws that may apply to a probate property sale in some states.

This week, we  listed a Laurelhurst estate property in the Laurelvista District. It’s a well priced single family home, and it will likely draw hundreds of potential buyers.  In addition we were in a multiple offer situation for an estate that our buyers wanted.  That transaction closed today!

What’s the biggest draw to the property? It’s an estate sale.  What’s an estate sale? In general, it’s when the property has to be sold so that the proceeds can go to the estate, and eventually, to the heirs. So how does an estate sale in Washington State actually work?

Well there are two types…..laurelhurst homes

1) If the administrator has the power to sell the property without court confirmation then the sale moves forward just like any regular non-probate sale. With the caveat the estate does not need to provide the buyer with any disclosures about the property ( Form 17/Seller Disclosure Form). Buyers make offers, the best offer is taken and the sale eventually closes.

2) However, when most people think of probate sales, they think of the kind that require court confirmation because there is no will and maybe the heirs are bickering, or maybe there are no heirs, the sale of the property often requires court confirmation.  This type of estate sale can sometimes take up to six months or more.

Another difference in estate sales is the Title.

Generally a home is sold with a General Warranty Deed in which Title Insurance covers the new buyer from the period of time the current seller has owned the home.  But an estate sale’s title is sold as a Special Warranty Deed.  With a Special Warranty Deed transfer, Title is insured from the point the heirship took control of the property to the time it is sold.  A Special Warranty Deed doesn’t insure Title while the deceased owned it.  

What do you want to look for if you’re buying an estate sale?

It’s a good idea to know the property is valued at least 90% of the appraised value.  If you enjoy putting a little elbow grease into a home and want the satisfaction you brought a home back to life for either yourself or for the next owner then estate sales are the way to go!

Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing or selling an estate. We are happy to help you jump through some of the hoops required. Whether you are the personal representative, the heir, the lawyer, or a buyer interested in a property, we have the unique experience to help you in all cases.

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Laurelhurst New Construction In Demand And Changing The Landscape…

There’s no question why Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood is so sought after.  Amazing Lake Washington and Cascade Mountain skylines, mature landscape with tree lined streets, and 1930’s traditional style homes meticulously maintained are just a few reasons.  Homes are handsome in Laurelhurst with many estates carrying on from generation to generation.  However, just like other popular Seattle neighborhoods, Laurelhurst is not exempt from showing signs of new construction or new modern homes.Laurelhurst homes

A perfect example of this are two Laurelhurst new construction homes, which sold in the last six months on Ivanhoe Place NE.  Both homes both have four bedrooms, four and a quarter bath on 3600 square feet or more of living space.  Great open floor plans and thoughtful architectural design.

The Seattle real estate market has maintained it’s thirst to build new construction homes now more than ever particularly after shaking out of the recession.  The low supply and high demand reinforces builders will be profitable.  Laurelhurst Brokers are out in full force finding tear down properties or sub dividable lots to keep building what buyers want to buy.

In fact, over just the last 30 days, we have seen 18 Laurelhurst properties go under contract between a buyer and a seller: 9 of those Laurelhurst listings are still pending to close and 9 have closed.  The median sold price is $901,000 and with just 8 days on the market, the demand for a piece of Laurelhurst living is very clear.

Can you still find properties for sale in Laurelhurst to renovate, tear down, refurbish or possibly an estate sale?  

The answer is yes.  Keep checking back on Cooper Jacobs Laurelhurst View Homes for new inventory of Laurelhurst possibilities!

Laurelhurst Homes For Sale In The MLS Currently, Market News, More!

Inventory, inventory, inventory???  aka, very little.  

There are only 7 houses for sale in Laurelhurst, and of those only 4 are available so far.  We know you know this, and we understand why you want to stay in this great Seattle neighborhood!  Laurelhurst buyers are lining up and prepared to pay in the multi millions to live here. Many are interested in Laurelhurst waterfront homes, but also wanting to live in other parts of the hood.  Currently you can purchase a home in Laurelhurst for under a million dollars, but most of the Laurelhurst homes for sale will be more than that and even up to the over ten million dollar category for a Laurelhurst waterfront homes on Laurelcrest Lane.

If you live in Laurelhurst and are curious about how much you may be able to get for your home, then please let us know.  Seattle real estate in 2013 was extremely fast paced and 2014 has some interesting similarities.  There are some changes for how we should approach Laurelhurst home sales in 2014, and we would love to talk  to you about them and what we are doing to keep our clients on top of the changes.

Similarly, if you are interested in buying a home in Laurelhurst, we should talk. These changes affect you, too, and it is good to find out more about the neighborhood purchasing environment as well.  Another perk is that you can find out about Laurelhurst homes coming on the market soon.  Our Brokers are networked extensively in the neighborhood and can help alert you so you are ready before or when something hits the market.

Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood real estate for sale 

Here is a Seattle real estate map from the latest on Laurelhurst homes for sale. Let us know if you are interested in seeing some of our favorite Laurelhurst Homes! Seattle’s weather is drab, but it is exciting viewing Laurelhurst waterfront homes or Laurelhurst Lake Washington view homes even on grey days!

Listings are swept live and not historical as is with blog posts. Please let us know if you need a Laurelhurst Realtor.

Laurelhurst Waterfront Home market Update December 2012

Here is a look at the most current Laurelhurst waterfront market.  Please let me know if you have questions or are curious what your Laurelhurst home is worth.


We SOLD this Webster Point waterfront home:
3006 Webster Point Rd NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Lovely Laurelhurst Waterfront Estate
5 bedrooms
3.75 baths
5300 Square Feet
Built 1965 with significant contributions by Architect Lionel Pries
.317 acre waterfront lot with beautiful beach
private Lake Washington dock with room for 4 boats (including a sailboat if desired!)
List Price:  $5,500,000
(originally listed by another broker in March 2010 for $6,800,000)
Final Sales Price:  $5,400,000

Laurelhurst Multi Alarm Multi Million Dollar Homes Destroyed By Fire In Seattle

Laurelhurst Multimillion Dollar Waterfront Homes Destroyed By Fire

Seattle waterfront homes along Laurelcrest Lane NE destroyed and surrounding Laurelhurst homes ignite by flying embers.  According to the news clip below a new construction waterfront home was the source of the multi alarm multi home fire which could be seen as far South as Renton.  Apparently a furnace exploded in the Laurelhurst waterfront home under construction yesterday afternoon.  Laurelcrest is a beautiful waterfront street in Laurelhurst and this community is absolutely in shock. Although there were a few injuries, thankfully no one lost their life in this accident.